Discover a confident, engaging website that conveys your uniqueness and builds trust with your audience.

Website Design for Creatives 

At Living in Graphics, you’ll leave with an expertly designed website that looks professional and helps you build trust with your audience, solidify your brand, and reach new people.

When it comes to connecting with new clients, enhancing your reputation, and expanding your business, you can’t miss out on having a website. But it can’t just be any old website—you need something thoughtfully designed for your goals.

To stand out as a small business, you need a website that will not only go the extra mile but convey the uniqueness and excellence of your brand.

As a creative entrepreneur, there is one thing you need to know: 

Prefer more hands-on help with your website? In the Semi-Custom Website Design Experience, simply select one of our templates and have it customized with your branding, copy, and photos. Upon completion, you'll unveil a uniquely tailored site perfectly aligned with your business objectives, ensuring a polished and timely online debut.

Semi-Custom Website Design Experience 

Choose, customize, and hit publish on your website with our easy-to-use, strategically designed Showit templates. With website templates designed specially by industry, you’ll find exactly what you need, whether you’re a florist, wedding planner, photographer, wellness coach, or other creative entrepreneur. Each template is designed to provide you with the freedom and flexibility to make your website exactly the way you envision it.

Showit Website Templates 

 See how we can work together on your website.

The journey from concept to launch is smooth, transparent, and empowering.

I don’t just give you an aesthetically pleasing website — I strategically design each element for you and show you exactly how to update and maintain your website. With me as your designer, you’ll have a trusted design partner who will make your journey as smooth, joyful, and empowering as possible. 

I would be honored to collaborate with you on a website that helps you make a lasting impression online.


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-Celeste Simon 

"We are immensely thankful for Raquel's unwavering dedication and personalized, step-by-step support. Her adeptness at blending our unique needs with her design expertise has resulted in a website that not only stands out but truly resonates with our audience. This approach has elevated our online presence, helping us spread our mission and values. Raquel's service has more than met our expectations, enhancing our online presence in ways we hadn't imagined."

"Trusting in the process with Raquel turned out to be a transformative decision."

-Rosmery Donado Diaz

"We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Raquel. From the beginning, we felt well taken care of, resulting in a website that now looks not only presentable but also inviting. We now have a user-friendly website for seamless maintenance and updates.”

"Our beautifully designed website has opened new doors for our business and enriched our community.” 

-Jose Luis Belmonte and Judith Mestre

“Our new website has revolutionized how we connect with our audience, representing a significant milestone. Thanks to its intuitive design, keeping our site current has never been simpler. Raquel's expertise has been instrumental in transforming our online presence into an engaging, easily manageable space, helping us attract and captivate new readers.”

“We've moved from a website that felt behind the times to one that's vibrant and current, perfectly capturing the essence of our work.”

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