Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds on our templates once purchased. They cannot be returned or refunded.

09. Do you offer refunds?

Once your checkout is complete, you'll get immediate access to a PDF installation guide and a unique Share Key. The guide provides a straightforward overview, including the installation process, a getting started checklist, and a launch checklist, plus links to Showit tutorial videos for additional support. Use the Share Key in your Showit account to seamlessly add the template to your account, ready for use right away.

08. After I buy, how do I install my new template in my Showit account?

Currently, we do not provide custom video tutorials for our templates. However, when you purchase our templates, you will receive a PDF eBook that includes detailed instructions and links to Showit video training for further assistance. Additionally, we offer personalized website training to our Semi-Custom Website Design clients. You can find more information about this service right here.

07. Do your templates include video training to help me customize my website?

Absolutely! Our Semi-Custom Website Design Experience includes one of our website templates and customization of up to 5 website pages. Instead of customizing it yourself, hand off your branding, copy, and photos, and we’ll do the work for you and offer customized website training so you can confidently maintain your website.

06. Can you customize my website template for me?

Showit is our top pick for our clients due to its customization capabilities and ease of use. We have experimented with several other platforms in the past, but Showit is undoubtedly the best option.

05. Why do you recommend Showit?

All components of your Showit website template can be altered in any conceivable way. Include, exclude, rearrange, or adjust any detail within your template and envision your one-of-a-kind web design!

04. How customizable are your templates?

You will require nothing else apart from a domain, and these can be acquired from online platforms such as GoDaddy.

03. Do I need anything else besides a Showit subscription to use your templates?

You must have an active Showit subscription to use your design. Your Showit subscription is an extremely worthwhile investment as you will have a web design that is easy to maintain confidently! Showit is a subscription-based web design platform that serves as both the web design platform and hosting provider. Showit offers three different subscriptions for your website, so the cost will depend on which package you choose ($19-$34/mo). 

02.How much is Showit, and how do I subscribe?

All of our website templates are hosted on Showit, a robust web design platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure and reliable performance. The platform's simple drag-and-drop design interface makes it incredibly user-friendly. Not only does Showit allow you full creative freedom over your website, but it also ensures that your web design is experience-driven, responsive, and easy to navigate. The end result is a creative, engaging web design you can confidently update in the years to come.

01. What website platform are your templates hosted on?