With our Semi-Custom Website Experience, you’ll discover all that, and more. Simply select one of our templates and have it customized with your branding, copy, and photos. Come away with an all-new website in just weeks.


You deserve a website that inspires your ideal clients and connects you with greater opportunities.

With the Semi-Custom Website Experience, you’re not simply purchasing a service. You’re embarking on a journey towards a better business, with a website that will communicate your expertise, show what you’re all about, and make ideal clients excited to connect with you.

When you see your brand story translated into a stunning, functional design that’s uniquely yours, you discover a deeper connection with the clients you can’t wait to serve. When we work together, you come away with a website that balances beauty with functionality. You’ll truly have everything you need to grow and succeed online. 

As your designer, we’re deeply committed to the details and care most about composing a cohesive, stunning website fueled with intention. We equip business owners like you with design that helps your business flourish, through a process that makes you feel meticulously cared for.

By working with us, you can launch your online presence and have the brand direction you’ve always envisioned for your business. We listen to your ideas, support your vision, and are committed to making it a reality with dedication and care. 


These days, your business needs a website to be relevant. When it comes to setting the foundation for your brand and creating a meaningful online presence, a professionally designed website gives you the support and confidence you need to attract your ideal clients.


Semi-Custom Website Experience

Select one of our meticulously designed Showit website templates. We’ll customize it with your branding, copy, and photos so it’s a unique reflection of your business.

  • Customization of Up To 5 Website Pages
  • Project Introduction Call
  • Customized Client Portal (including your questionnaire, project schedule, business resources, and more)
  • Branding Customization for Your Website
  • Photo Optimization for Site Speed
  • Basic SEO Setup
  • Social Media Integration
  • Design Review and Revision Process
  • Complete Showit Template Installation
  • Website Launch Support
  • Personalized Website Maintenance Training via Zoom


Average turn-around: 4-6 Weeks



Your website journey begins with an intro call, where we’ll meet to explore the essence of your brand. We’ll address any questions you may have about the design process and hear your ideas for your new website. 

Following our call, you’ll receive an email with a link to your client portal, where you’ll sign your contract and pay your invoice for the non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot in our calendar. You’ll then receive your questionnaire and be equipped with everything you need to get started.


Next, you’ll complete your questionnaire to share your brand story and all the information we need to get started. This is also the moment when we’ll choose your Showit website template from our shop, which we’ll customize during our time together.

At this time, you’ll also submit your branding elements, including your color palette, font styles, photography, and copy, which we’ll implement into your chosen Showit website template from our shop.


With your info shared, we’ll get to work customizing up to five website pages in alignment with your vision and goals. Once your design is ready to view, we’ll share it with you for your approval.


With your website in hand, we’ll meet for a Zoom call to meticulously review and refine your website pages together, through up to 2 revision rounds of adjustments. This ensures that your design will not only meet but exceed your expectations.


The highlight of our collaboration is the launch of your new website — a moment truly worth celebrating. We take care of all the technical details to ensure a smooth transition to going live, allowing you to focus on celebrating the realization of your vision and the exciting opportunities that await with your polished, professional website.


Our time together isn’t over yet — every client receives a customized Showit website training via Zoom. We’ll show you exactly how to use, modify, and update your website so you’re empowered to make changes anytime you like (without worrying you’ll break something). 



-Celeste Simon 

"We are immensely thankful for Raquel's unwavering dedication and personalized, step-by-step support. Her adeptness at blending our unique needs with her design expertise has resulted in a website that not only stands out but truly resonates with our audience. This approach has elevated our online presence, helping us spread our mission and values. Raquel's service has more than met our expectations, enhancing our online presence in ways we hadn't imagined."

"Trusting in the process with Raquel turned out to be a transformative decision."

-Rosmery Donado Diaz

"We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Raquel. From the beginning, we felt well taken care of, resulting in a website that now looks not only presentable but also inviting. We now have a user-friendly website for seamless maintenance and updates.”

"Our beautifully designed website has opened new doors for our business and enriched our community.” 

-Jose Luis Belmonte and Judith Mestre

“Our new website has revolutionized how we connect with our audience, representing a significant milestone. Thanks to its intuitive design, keeping our site current has never been simpler. Raquel's expertise has been instrumental in transforming our online presence into an engaging, easily manageable space, helping us attract and captivate new readers.”

“We've moved from a website that felt behind the times to one that's vibrant and current, perfectly capturing the essence of our work.”

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3 month Payment Plan

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2 month Payment Plan


1 Time Payment OF

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Take note of the following advantageous payment plans Living in Graphics offers our clients, including the Showit Website Template and Semi-Custom Website Design Experience. 
Remember that in order for you to use and maintain your Showit website template you must subscribe to Showit and keep an active account.


Your Investment 

Copywriting services are not directly included in our Semi-Custom Website Experience, but we do offer every client our resource on converting website content. This exclusive booklet, accessible via the client portal, is meticulously designed to inspire and guide you in crafting your website's narrative, featuring intuitive prompts and insightful questions. 

While many of our clients find great success in developing their own content with the help of our guide, we also understand the value of professional copywriting. If you’d prefer to hire a copywriter, we offer referrals to esteemed copywriting professionals from our network, ensuring your website's text is as polished and purposeful as the design.

07. What about website copywriting services?

Before you begin your Semi-Custom Website Experience, all content, images, and brand information must be submitted. Living in Graphics will add all necessary files to your Showit website, such as images, colors, fonts, brand elements, and copywriting. This will help the process run smoothly and stay on track, allowing us to meet the agreed-upon website delivery date.

06. What do you need from me to get started?

Five (5) web design pages will be created for you, customized based on the elements and components we discuss. At the end of the experience, you will be equipped with a website training so you can make any future changes on your own. Additional pages can be added for a fee.

05. How many pages will I get customized as part of this service?

Our previous clients have found this service to be an excellent fit for a range of professions, including but not limited to small creative businesses, wellness coaches and photographers. We generally do not work with e-commerce businesses or brands that have a large range of products..

04. Is this service going to work well for my needs?

We recommend choosing the template that most closely aligns with your industry. We’ve created templates with creatives and wellness pros in mind, each with unique features. If you’re not sure which one would work best, don’t worry! We’ll talk it through with you and help you select the template that best fits your business.

03.Which template should I choose for my business?

Not at all. If you'd like to customize the website yourself, check out our template shop. Buy a template and work at your own speed if you so choose!

02. Do I have to hire you if I buy a template from your shop?

A semi-custom website is a template-based website customized to your brand, content, and offerings. Instead of DIYing your website or getting a fully custom website, we start with one of our templates as the foundation for our design. That way, you know exactly what to expect while receiving a website unique to your goals, vision, and overall business.

01. What is a Semi-Custom Website Design Experience?

Semi-Custom Website Design Experience


Your empowering website journey begins here. To get started, simply fill out the contact form below. We’ll get in touch within 24 hours (Monday through Thursday) to answer your questions, share more info, and schedule a phone consultation.

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