Average turn-around: 1-2 Weeks

  1. Project Introduction Call
  2. Engaging Through the Client Portal
  3. Branding Customization for Your Website
  4. Photo Optimization for Site Speed
  5. Basic SEO Setup
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Design Review and Revision Process
  8. Complete Showit Template Installation
  9. Website Launch Support
  10. Personalized Website Maintenance Training via Zoom


Semi-Custom Website Design Experience

The highlight of our collaboration is the launch of your new website—a moment truly worth celebrating. We take care of all the technical details to ensure a smooth transition to going live, which allows you to focus on celebrating the realization of your vision and the exciting opportunities that await with your polished, professional website.

Celebration of Your New Website:


Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. To this end, we'll arrange a Zoom meeting to meticulously review and refine your website pages together. During this phase, we are committed to making up to two rounds of adjustments, that the final design not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Zoom Meeting for Design Finalization:


With the formalities out of the way, we dive into the heart of your brand. You'll be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about your business, which is crucial for informing the customization process. Based on your responses, we'll meticulously integrate your brand elements — including color palette, font styles, photography, and copy — into your chosen Showit website template from our shop. Up to five website pages will be customized to ensure they resonate with your business vision and goals.

Time to Begin:


Our journey begins with an introductory call, a valuable opportunity for us to meet and explore the essence of your brand. This conversation is also a chance for you to address any questions you may have about the design process. Following our discussion, an email will be sent to you with a link to your client portal. This portal will contain your contract and an invoice for the non-refundable deposit required to officially secure your slot for the Semi-Custom Website Design Experience in my calendar. Upon receipt of the deposit, the portal will be updated with all the necessary documents to start our project.

Project Introduction Call:


Semi-Custom Website Design Experience 


3 month Payment Plan



2 month Payment Plan


1 Time Payment OF

Take note of the following advantageous payment plans Living in Graphics offers our clients, including the Showit Website Template and Semi-Custom Website Design Experience. 
Remember that in order for you to use and maintain your Showit website template you must subscribe to Showit and keep an active account.


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Copywriting services are not directly included in our Semi-Custom Website Design Experience. Recognizing the importance of compelling and cohesive content for your website, Living in Graphics equips you with an invaluable resource: "The Essential Guide to Converting Website Content." This exclusive booklet, accessible via the client portal, is meticulously designed to inspire and guide you in crafting your website's narrative, featuring intuitive prompts and insightful questions.

While many of our clients find great success in developing their own content with the help of our guide, we also understand the value of professional copywriting. To this end, upon initiating your project with us, we offer referrals to esteemed copywriting professionals from our network, ensuring your website's text is as polished and purposeful as the design.

07. What about copywriting services?

Before you begin your Semi-Custom Website Design Experience, all content, images, and brand information must be submitted. Living in Graphics will add all necessary files to your Showit website, such as images, colors, fonts, brand elements and copywriting. This will help the process run smoothly and stay on track, allowing us to meet the agreed-upon website delivery date.

06. Is there a due date for me to send my website files?

Five (5) web design pages will be created for you, customized based on the elements and components discussed during the progress to reflect your business. Further pages can be added for a fee.

05. How many pages do I get to have customized?

Our previous clients have found this service to be an excellent fit for a range of professions, including but not limited to small creative businesses, wellness coaches and photographers. A note of caution – not ideal for businesses with large stores.

04. Is this service going to work well for my needs?

Relax! We’re here to help. As we learn more about your business and products, we’ll be better able to recommend the best one for your company and brand. We’ll pick the most suitable one together. Remember, Showit lets us customize pages, including images, colors and fonts.

03.Which template should I choose for my business?

Not at all. If you'd like to customize the website yourself, check out our template shop. Buy a template and work at your own speed. 

02. Do I have to hire you if I buy a template from your shop?

It’s an experience that will put you at ease from the start. You select a pre-designed template from our store, and we will take it from there substituting the content and images with yours, and matching the new esthetic to your branding’s colors and fonts. We’ll make adjustment to assure your brand carries its uniqueness, and you launch your website with confidence, clarity and consistency. We'll provide 5 Showit pages tailored to your requests. There is a fee for additional pages. 

01. What is a Semi-Custom Website Design Experience?

Semi-Custom Website Design Experience



Living In Graphics template customization

We look forward to your input, so kindly fill out the contact form and give us an overall view of your business and products. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours. We are available from 1-5pm EST on Mondays to Thursdays.

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