fields, searching for a meaningful and impactful online presence and find it challenging to bring it to fruition.

     Living in Graphics was created precisely to bring them solutions with innovation, creativity, and inspiration. It has been my journey for many years now, to offer small businesses my expertise and providing them with the tools they need to make their dreams come true. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Barry University, I have produced work for publishers, small businesses, universities and nonprofits—all to help launch and grow their businesses and products.

       My design has one main focus, and that is for entrepreneurs to let the world know what they are all about in a most confident and clear “visual voice” presented through the brand design, responsive website, and high-level continued support.

   Today’s virtual world is demanding of websites that offer fresh and high-quality content, that are user-friendly, relevant, effective and professional among others. And that is my commitment to you – striving to assure that your website fits these demands while making your company a well-known success in the marketplace. In my experience as a web designer, I constantly meet with business people from various

At your service, as designing is my passion

Hello! I’m Raquel Morrison

We believe a converting website is a powerful tool that will both give you peace of mind in doing the work you love while creating opportunities for continuous bookings, sales, and profits.