A vibrant online presence for photographers, wedding professionals, and creatives.


As your designer, I’m all about collaboration, care, and empowerment at every touchpoint. My main focus is always letting the world know what you’re all about in the most confident and clear way possible. I think of every website I design as a sort of “visual voice” for my clients, presented through a responsive, strategic website and continued support via website training, maintenance, and even ongoing design work.

I meet business owners all the time who want an unforgettable online presence but struggle to make it happen. That’s precisely why I design websites that are truly rooted in innovation, creativity, and inspiration, while also giving my clients the support and empowerment to keep up with their websites as their businesses grow.

Through the years, I realized I had a passion for design, helping creatives, and giving them the tools needed to realize their dreams. 

Website designer for creative entrepreneurs.


What comes to mind when you envision your website? A beautiful presence that shares what your brand is all about? An easy-to-use experience that will help your clients and customers find information, engage with you, and enter your world? Whatever your big dream is, our goal is to transform it into reality. Combining artistry and strategy into our website designs, we help creative entrepreneurs come away with websites that reflect your style and deliver amazing results.

You may have an amazing client experience, but if your website doesn’t feel consistent with who you are as a brand, you end up losing out on people you’re excited to work with.

I’m here to partner with you to create a user-friendly, effective, and professional website that encapsulates what your business is about, who you want to work with, and what you value. I created Living in Graphics to give small business owners an inspired but easy solution: A website template or semi-custom website experience that allows you to have a meaningful, impactful website in just weeks.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Barry University, I have produced work for publishers, small businesses, universities, and nonprofits — all to help launch and grow their businesses and products. 

My approach goes beyond aesthetic appeal — I strategically design each element for you and show you exactly how to update and maintain your website. With me as your designer, you’ll have a trusted design partner who will make your journey as smooth, joyful, and empowering as possible. 

I would be honored to collaborate with you on a website that helps you make a lasting impression online.

Crafting a visually stunning and user-friendly website that engages your audience, amplifies your online presence, and helps you achieve your business goals.

Our mission is…

A converting website is a powerful tool that will give you peace of mind so you can do the work you love while creating opportunities for continuous bookings, sales, and profits.