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Let your website tell the world who you are so you can attract, connect, & convert dream clients.

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This is a powerful tool for connecting with new clients, enhancing your reputation, and ultimately expanding your business. 

Nowadays, an effective online presence is an indispensable factor in the success of any small business. The center of this online presence is a design-conscious website. Your website will usually be the first point of contact for potential customers, and it's where they go to get information about who you are, and your services.

A website that has been expertly designed not only looks great but also contributes to creating trust with your audience, solidifies your brand identity, and drives up conversions. 



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Personalize your favorite Living in Graphics template adding your existing brand visuals and turning it into a unique, refreshing website that’s 100% yours, without having to invest the time.

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Pressed for time to launch your new business or perhaps thinking about revamping your existing website? Our templates is the perfect solution! By adding the special touch of an experienced designer, it can be adapted to perfectly fit your business.

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Now is your time to excel. What could be more suitable to make this happen than a website that is expertly designed and visually attractive, showing potential customers all that your business offers and how it can meet their expectations.

Our collection of high-quality, designer-made templates means you never have to settle for average again.

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Drag & drop, beautiful website designer templates from Living in Graphics made for Showit. Seamlessly launch your next-level website.  


Install your new template in seconds by simply copying and pasting the Share Key you receive immediately after purchasing it from Living in Graphics and transferring it to your Showit account. Your eyes cannot keep up with the speed of the installation to the utmost perfection.

Smooth installation

Living in Graphics templates are designed to beautifully express your business message not only for computer size, but seamlessly optimizes it for mobile. Showit phone optimization works independently, so you have total control of your design. 

Customizable to fit your Brand

Strategically-designed templates that let you take back control of your time so you can dedicate yourself to other areas of your business, and give you the freedom to seamlessly make updates in the years to follow.

Peace of mind


Showit’s drag and drop interface gives you full flexibility. The possibilities for design and layout are limitless.

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